For Giving, Edition of 250 LPs, 300 CDs, Golden Lab Records, 2016

"Acher’s understated tunes are strange and skewed, daring you to notice  what they don’t sound like; they recall the kind of parameters Al Stewart used to work in, where strange lyrics and hamfisted instrumentation became something beautiful. 'Save Yourself' is one such case, with Acher’s lyrics sort of rambling over the point as little unexpected additives shuffle in -- a fiery rawk riff, a sneaky fill, or even that roll of the piano that sounds near identical to one of  ‘Another Green World’. The sparsity of the bubbly 'Sweetheart', coupled  with its lowly-mixed harmonies, makes me think of a cartoon where the  Beatles are all spiders. That kinda thing -- an unsettling positivity  backed with arrangements that are gonna change whenever they want." -Robin of Norman Records

Bare Bones, Edition of 99 LPs, Flipped Out Records, 2014

"Over the past 18 years, the arc of Connie Acher’s muse has soared  through zones of naked solitude, layered embellishment and nuanced  collaboration. For this LP, her 5th full length recording, she strips  down to the bare bones using nothing more than the sweet siren song of  her voice and her guitar. Listen closely as she revisits old memories  and breaks ground with new missives of a precious treasured life." -Jack Wingate of Flipped Out Records

Precious, Edition of 99 one-sided 7 inches, Flipped Out Records, 2012

"Just a quiet song of longing with unadorned vocals, quiet guitar and tape hiss aplenty. A sweet one." -Byron Coley, WIRE Magazine

Spray Me Down, Edition of 500 CDs, Flipped Out Records, 2009

"amazing grace and beauty abounds on this fourth full length recording by  connie acher....this time around strawberry is the foil and he sweetens her stew with precise production and virtuosic  instrumentation...." -Jack Wingate of Flipped Out Records

For the Love of It, Edition of 200 LPs, 500 CDs, Flipped Out Records, 2002

"It is just all the more refreshing when a voice comes around that actually sounds distinct and singular...There is almost a hypnotic quality to Connie's style that deceives a  superficial listening.  Further inspection reveals a slyness and mastery  of material that needs no more than a ukulele or cello for  accompaniment." -Kevan Harris, Dusted Reviews

Love pop folk music connie acher guitar mandolin flipped out records groovy vinyl LP CD sean slaney

Love Pop, Edition of 200 LPs, 500 CDs, Flipped Out Records, 2001

"It initially went under/over/around my radar, but this time its fragile little folk/pop is sounding just about right. Acher lives in NYC. Her songs are short and kind of sweet and pretty, but also kind of awkward sounding, like they might fall apart any minute. Arrangements are sparse, mainly just her accomplished but delicate and unassuming guitar playing and vocals... It all goes down pretty nicely, with a fair share of that certain combination of dreamy 'n' skewed that I pretty much demand from my post-folk/psych/rock listening diet." -Blastitude

Love Sick Lip Service, Edition of 200 LPs, 500 CDs, Flipped Out Records, 1999

"Who the heck is Connie Acher? How does one even pronounce her name? Dunno, a lovely LP put out by a record store upstate with minimal cover graphics or info; just lovely and otherwordly acoustic-guitar-and-vocal via a simple 4 track. Returning you to a time when it seemed like it was a novelty to use the bare basics and making it seem brand new again." -Brian Turner, WFMU Music Director